no matter what this is the fucking scene. this is it. i tried to find other ways of seeing this scene. other than dean putting his hand on his crotch bc he probably felt something happening down there. and fucking shit look at the look on his face, srly this is my destiel moment. and jensen always says he doesn’t play dean attracted to cas but then hOW THE FUCK WAS THIS SCENE DESCRIBED??? ‘hey jensen i need you to look like you’re getting horny from looking at cas after he got cleaned up and looks like old cas again but no homo’

After the camera has given us the MALE GAZE trope - sexual by definition but not meant to be taken sexually this time because - from exactly DEAN’S POV, DEAN platonically tenses up, playing with his platonical hands. He checks out Cas platonically, taking in his appearance with a good, unashamed look up and down like a friend with no sexual interest in him would, jaw platonically slack. When he notices SAM looking at him with a knowing expression (as in, knowing that he’s admiring his buddy’s body in a purely brotherly way), he gives him an awkward smile, betraying his strictly non-sexual, non-romantic thoughts, still heterosexually shaken by the view.